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Officer's Corner

A successful Club Sport Officer knows and understands all Club Sport policies and procedures.

Due to COVID-19, information below will be updated once the program is reinstated.

Forms are all available via shared Google Docs or through Survey Tools. Some hard copies are available in the Malley Center Admin Offices hallway posted outside of Office 114.

What to Do with Completed Forms

If you are a Club Sports Officer, Team Member, or Prospective Team Member, and you have completed forms to turn in, please place them in the Club Sports Inbox. The inbox has a bright green label and is located on the wall outside of Office 114 of the Malley Center.

Do NOT turn in your completed forms to any place other than the Club Sports Inbox. You may NOT leave your Club Sports forms with the Malley Center Front Desk Staff. 

Emailing Forms

All forms can be emailed to as long as you have an updated version of Adobe Reader on your computer.
Make sure you open the file, download the Google Doc to your computer, fill out the form, and save it to your computer prior to sending it.

Documents linked below are not current and will be updated once the Club Sports Program is returned to active status.

Due to COVID-19, information below will be updated with linked required forms for participants to complete to join a club team once the program is reinstated

  • Informed Consent & Release of Liability
  • If under 18 years of age, complete this Under 18 Information Form and Liability Waiver 5-14-15 to participate in Club Sports
  • Conduct Guidelines
  • ImPACT testing
    • All new (ONLY NEW - Returners do not take this again) members of Club Sport teams must complete ImPACT within 60 days of the start of the fall quarter. Complete this ImPACT Baseline-Test Request Form. A link to a Baseline test will be emailed to the new team member once received.
    • Any team members sustaining a concussion must take a post-concussion ImPACT test three to five days post injury. Complete this ImPACT Post-Test Request Form to request an ImPACT Post Test.  A link to the Post Test will be emailed to the team member once received. 
  • Prospective team members are not eligible to participate with a team in any practices or games until all forms are submitted online, reviewed by the Club Sports Office, and the student’s name is listed on the team’s official roster. Please check with the team President to find out if you have been listed as okay to participate on the team’s official roster.