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About Us

Campus Partners

Campus Recreation works closely with a number of campus units that can be a resource to our patrons as well.


History of the Campus Recreation program.

Mission Statement

Campus Recreation is committed to the Jesuit concept of educating the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Campus Recreation seeks to fulfill this commitment by enriching the lives of students, faculty and staff through a broad scope of recreational, educational, and competitive programming.


Campus Recreation would love your help sponsoring one of our annual events or programs. 

Staff Directory

Campus Recreation has two full-time staff and thirteen student coordinators running the program.

Student Employment

Campus Recreation hires a number of students annually. Our facilities and programs would not run without the dedicated work of our student employees. 


Campus Recreation is committed to creating healthy people and communities. We are striving to do this by using the five pillars of sustainability to create a culture of sustainability in our programs.