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Past Champions

Past Champions

To commemorate all of our champions, the program will be listing all winners by year alongside final record or other small noteworthy pieces to tell the story of those champions. The listing will start from the 2021-2022 academic year and continue on through the most recent season. If you are interested in seeing the champion photos of past winners, you can use this link to view the archived photos of winners dating back to the 2014-2015 academic year. Shoutout to all past winners and participants who make our intramural sports program a fun and exciting thing to be apart of. 

Fall 2023

Badminton: New Jeans (Finished 6-0 only losing 1 set out of 18 total sets played)

Co-Rec D1 Volleyball: Torts Illustrated (Finished with an impressive +9 Set Differential)

Co-Rec D2 Volleyball: Spike Tyson (Finished 7-0 with an impressive +16 Set Differential)

Men's D1 Flag Football: Moldow's Minions (Finished 7-0 with a league best +116 Point Differential)

Men's D2 Flag Football: The Practice Squad (Finished 7-0 with a +80 Point Differential)

Chess Tournament: Het Patel (Beginner Bracket) and Chloe Wong (Advanced Bracket)

Dodgeball Tournament: David Got that D(odge)

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament: Fris the Bee (Inaugural tournament champions)

Winter 2024

Co-Rec Basketball: Sophie Is Not Playing (Finished 5-2 after starting season 1-2, winning the championship on a game winning shot)

Faculty/Staff Basketball: The Strategic Plan (Finished 4-1 with a +43 point differential, nearly 30 points better than 2nd place)

Men's D1 Basketball: Blue Chip (Finished 6-0 with a +86 point differential)

Men's D2 Basketball: Screen Cuisine (Finished 8-0 with a +179 point differential)

Women's Basketball: Shooting Stars (Finished 6-0 with a +208 point differential, winning games by an average margin of 34.67 points)

Co-Rec Soccer: Shot Blockers (Finished 8-0 with a +35 point differential)

Spikeball: Dare Devils (Finished 6-0, dropping only one set all season)

Table Tennis: Dean S. (Finished 6-0, losing 0 sets all season)

Cornhole Tournament: HOLEy mole that's CORNy (Beat out 8 other teams to win the tournament)

Pickleball Tournament: Portland Picklers (Finished 4-0, dropping only one set)

Faculty/Staff Pickleball Tournament: Hot Shots (Inaugural faculty/staff pickleball tournament winners)

Spring 2024

Co-Rec Beach Volleyball: Pokey (Finished 9-0, becoming the first team to complete a perfect 9 win season in Beach)

Co-Rec Soccer: Coulda Gone D4 (Finished 7-1 knocking off the 1 seed with an overtime golden goal win in the championship)

Men's Soccer: FC Pham (Finished 7-0 with a league best +33 goal differential)

Co-Rec Softball: Field of Memes (Finished 7-0 with a league best +51 run differential while defeating the defending champions in the finals)

Men's Softball: Blue Chip (Finished 6-0 capping off their championship run with a walk off win for the title)

Beginner Pickleball: Achaaris (Finished 9-1 with a +13 set differential, defeating the only undefeated team in the league in the championship)

Intermediate Pickleball: Lagoatedteam (Finished 9-1 with a +15 set differential, the best across all pickleball leagues)

Faculty/Staff Pickleball: Hot Shots (Finished 7-0 with a +13 set differential, completing the Fac/Staff pickleball sweep in 2024 with the tournament and league crowns)

3v3 Basketball Tournament: Redefine

Kickball Tournament: Jack and Co. (Inaugural tournament winners)


Fall 2022

Co-Rec Badminton: Super Vegetable (Finished 7-0 with while never losing a set)

Co-Rec D1 Volleyball: Papa Round 2 (Finished 6-1, only dropping one set of seven in the playoffs)

Co-Rec D2 Volleyball: Aardvarks (Finished 7-0, taking down the 1 seed in the championship)

Men's D1 Flag Football: Punt Muffers (Finished 7-0, with an impressive +87 Point Differential)

Men's D2 Flag Football: SDG (Finished with an incredible +115 Point Differential)

Women's Flag Football: The Stegs (Winners of the first 4+ team women's league since 2015!)

Chess Tournament: Wallace Hwang

Dodgeball Tournament: Globo Gym

Winter 2023

Co-Rec Basketball: Flight's Kids (won 4 straight to win the championship after finishing 1-2 in pool play)

Faculty/Staff Basketball: The Bricklayers (Inaugural Season Winners)

Men's D1 Basketball: Who's Next? (Finished 7-0, capped off with a thrilling 75-73 OT win in the championship)

Men's D2 Basketball: The Fondlers (Finished 8-0, with an incredible +199 Point Differential)

Women's Basketball: Ball Handlers (Finished 6-0, with a+79 Point Differential)

Co-Rec Soccer: Vacuum Cleaners (Entered playoffs as the 9th and final seed and ran the table to victory)

Spikeball: Lulu My Lemons (Inaugural League Winners)

Table Tennis: Winston Poppel

Cornhole Tournament: Austin H. and Kelly F. (Staff Duo!)

Pickleball Tournament: Tennis the Menace (Inaugural Tournament Winners)

Spring 2023

Co-Rec Beach Volleyball: Hi-Chew (Back to back league champions!)

Co-Rec Soccer: Backshots (Finished 7-0, with a +31 Goal Differential)

Men's Soccer: Ethika 2.0 (Finished 6-1-1, with a +18 Goal Differential)

Women's Soccer: Best Team (Finished 5-0, with a +15 Goal Differential)

Co-Rec Softball: Oakland Unathletics (Finished 6-1, with a +82 Run Differential)

Faculty/Staff Softball: TOOTBLAN (Inaugural League Winners)

Men's Softball: Bocks (Finished 6-0, with a +80 Run Differential)

Women's Softball: Did not happen due to lack of signups

Open Doubles Pickleball: Roger Federer (Inaugural League Winners)

Faculty/Staff Doubles Pickleball: Angel and Tony (Inaugural League Winners)

Mixed Doubles Tennis: The Terminetters 

Women's Doubles Tennis: Love at First Spike

3v3 Basketball Tournament: Super Sonics

Fall 2021

No Intramurals due to Covid

Winter 2022 (First Completed Season since Fall 2019-Outdoor Sports Only*)

Co-Rec Soccer: Chili Peppers (Kicked off the return of IMs playing in first game post-lockdown era; Entered playoffs as the 9th seed and ran the table to claim the championship)

Table Tennis: Susmith Rajendra Barigidad (Winner of first league iteration of table tennis, previously only a tournament)

Chess Tournament: Griffin L. (Inaugural Tournament Champion)

Cornhole Tournament: Nick F. and Joel D. (Inaugural Tournament Champions)

Spikeball Tournament: Arnav and Calvin (Inaugural Tournament Champions)

3v3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament: Return of the Money Boys (First outdoor iteration 3v3 tournament champs) 

*Table Tennis was self scheduled by participants so it allowed for indoor play

Spring 2022

Co-Rec Beach Volleyball: Hi-Chew (Inaugural League Champions)

Co-Rec Soccer: Ball Busters (Finished 7-1, with a +21 Goal Differential)

Men's Soccer: La Familia (Finished 6-1, with a +17 Goal Differential)

Women's Soccer: Did not happen due to lack of signups

Co-Rec Softball: Murph's Little Sluggers (Finished 6-0, with a +41 Run Differential)

Men's Softball: Blue Chip (Finished 6-0, with a +64 Run Differential)

Women's Softball: Did not happen due to lack of signups

Table Tennis: Aditya W.

Mixed Doubles Tennis: Low Ballers

Chess Tournament: Sanket P. (Beginner Bracket) and Stephen G. (Expert Bracket)

3v3 Basketball Tournament (back indoors): David Got that D