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Camp Staff

Bronco Kids All Sports Camp employs Santa Clara University students to coach at our camp.  We hire students that have a combination of varsity level playing experience, previous camp/childcare experience, and a passion for youth sports!

If you are a current Santa Clara University student and you wish to apply for one of our 2018 camp positions, please check out the job description and submit an application by heading to the Student Employment page of this website.

The Bronco Kids All Sports Camp has a Counselor In Training (CIT) position for individuals 13-17 years old. CITs are typically former campers who would like the opportunity to still be part of the Bronco Kids All Sports Camp in a leadership role. These young adults will acquire invaluable new leadership and mentoring skills that will assist them in future endeavors.

Working BKASC is extremely fun and, just so you know, lunch is included daily when working camp!