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Class Descriptions

Click on each class for the class description you are looking for. The list of classes is alphabetized & should mirror the class names on the class schedule for the quarter.


This class combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training. In this full body workout, we integrate small isolated movements to fatigue the muscles, large range of motion to elevate the heart rate, and sequencing that incorporates the upper and lower body to make every minute count. With exercises in both the center and at the barre, this class develops strength, endurance and  flexibility. This results in a total body workout that leaves you mentally strong and feeling accomplished.

Anyone of all fitness levels is welcome in this class! In each class we will tackle steady climbs, fast sprints, and recovery flats while seated or standing on the bike. We will have fun, and new playlists each week to keep class fresh. This workout is high-energy and will challenge your endurance and strength. The spinning portion of this class will be 45 minutes and after we will head to the ground for a 10-minute ab blast! Here we will focus on stabilizing and strengthening the core. We will finish with a 5-minute stretch which will focus on relaxing the major muscles used in cycling. This class is fabulous for cross-training or for cyclists. If you have any questions, feel free to message Lily on her spin Instagram @lily_spin.  

Maggie’s hour-long cycling classes are intended to elevate a fun, energetic, stress-free, and community-building atmosphere. Involving a unique combination of resistance and cadence pushes on the bike, Maggie leads her students in warmups, jogs, runs, climbs, and cool-downs. Each class playlist is designed to motivate students, offering the opportunity to push high-intensity cardio. Maggie involves her audience by implementing song requests, exciting themes, and engaging conversation throughout the class. As cycling draws in students from differing levels of fitness, Maggie provides guidelines that modify the intensity for a better-personalized experience. Everyone is welcome— Join Maggie on the bike!

A slower-paced, foundational vinyasa flow that allows you to explore individual poses and transitions deeper than a power class. If you are a beginner yoga student, this class will help you build confidence and familiarity on your mat. This is an engaging class that connects the body to breath and strengthens the body through fluid movements.  

Yoga Sculpt is a dynamic class that merges traditional yoga postures with hand weights for increased intensity. The class includes exercises that engage the upper and lower body, core, and cardio bursts to elevate your heart rate, ensuring a full-body workout. The music and instructions are motivating, and the modifications allow for a supportive and more personalized experience on your mat.