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CIT Program

The Bronco Kids All Sports Camp has added the Counselor In Training (CITs) position for individuals 13-17 years old. CITs are typically former campers who would like the opportunity to continue participating in the Bronco Kids All Sports Camp in a leadership role assisting Camp Coaches with camper activities. These young adults will acquire invaluable new leadership and mentoring skills that will assist them in future endeavors. We can accept up to 16 CITs per session.


2019 CIT Registration Process

Step 1) CIT Registration (Completed by CIT) - Required for New & Returning CITs

Step 2) Submit Payment

Step 3) Informed Consent/Liability Form

Step 4) Required CIT Form (Completed by Parent)

Click here to go to the Registration Page


All CITs attending camp will be required to participate in a mandatory CIT training session prior to the start of camp. The training session will be held on Thursday, June 20 from 4-5 PM in the Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center Conference Room.

Spots are filled on a rolling basis so apply early to guarantee a spot!