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Current Clubs

There are 17 competitive club sport teams at SCU that compete locally, regionally, and nationally against other universities.

Fall 2021-22 Update (policies as of September 1, 2021): Campus Recreation has begun phasing our facilities back in after over a year of suspended programs. For this Fall 2021, the Club Sports Program will be able to practice only. Those who practice indoors will be required to wear facial coverings and comply with room occupancy requirements. Those practicing outdoors at this time will not be required to wear facial coverings and can practice as they have prior to the pandemic. Those practicing off campus may continue to practice, but must wear facial coverings in vehicles and comply with the practice facilities' policies. Please note that, as we continue to navigate through this pandemic, COVID procedures and policies may change. 

Club Descriptions and Websites

The Campus Recreation Club Sports program is currently capped with 17 competitive clubs. We will not be accepting applications for any additional Club Sports for the upcoming academic year. Students who wish to be part of a competitive team should consider joining one of these clubs, playing intramural sports, or signing up for a local sports league! Students who want to start a “recreational” club that will not compete against other universities will need to go through Associated Students to become a Registered Student Organization.

Interested in finding out more information about a Club Sport team? Attend their Team Informational meeting. No experience necessary and attending one of these meetings does not commit yourself to join the program. Check out our Prospective Athletes page for the Fall 21-22 meeting information.

Club websites are not maintained by Campus Recreation. Views expressed on club websites are not necessarily the views of the Campus Recreation Program.

For convenience, you can click the link below associated with the team you want to learn more about. The links below will take you to individual Club Sport websites.

Boxing Cycling Equestrian
Women's Field Hockey Men's Ice Hockey Men's Lacrosse
Women's Lacrosse Men's Rugby Women's Rugby
Sailing Shotokan Karate Swimming
Triathlon Men's Ultimate Women's Ultimate
Men's Volleyball Women's Club Volleyball