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Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate

A photo from years ago of the Karate team having practice

For over 50 years, the Santa Clara University Shotokan Karate club has been training dedicated students in this Japanese-based martial arts form. Read about the club's founders here. Since its establishment at Santa Clara University, the Shotokan Karate team builds strength of character and self-defense skills. As a club, we have multiple weekly practices, training our kata and sparring. We also go to tournaments and competitions as a team. Anyone is welcome to join, no matter how experienced you are. We take experts, complete beginners, and people with experience in other martial arts, too. 

Check out our Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook: @scukarate.

For more information email club president Lily Green at


We host this event every quarter, and it is free to all students. This event is only open to SCU students, and we tend to average a capacity limit of 20-30 students. We will always release the date and sign-up link for the event at the beginning of each quarter on our Instagram @scukarate. We recommend that you follow us to learn the most up-to-date information on the workshop. 

For these workshops, we will table in the Benson Lobby (the side closer to the bookstore) for the following week. If you have any questions or want some goodies, you are always welcome to stop by. We have exact dates and times posted on our Instagram closer to the date.

We tend to partner up with ASG and the DISC for this event, so you can also learn information on their website and Instagram. If you are interested in this event or have any questions, please email or DM us on Instagram.

Dojo Rules

1) Seek perfection of character.
2) Be faithful.
3) Endeavor.
4) Respect others.
5) Refrain from violent behavior.

The emblem symbolizes power under restraint.