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Intramural Employment

Intramural Sports Officials and IM Supervisors

The program will be hiring this fall for intramural officials and possibly supervisors. Please review the job descriptions and fill out the application. Candidates will be contacted by email in August to set up interviews via zoom. 

For all of our officiated sports, we will hire and train supervisors and officials (referees) before the Intramural Sport Leagues begin. We provide all of the training needed - no experience necessary. Referees and Supervisors must be energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoy sports. Intramural employment positions start at $17.75 an hour. Be sure to check out the job description (below) before applying for a job.

Job Descriptions
Intramural Sport Official
Intramural Sports Supervisor

Officiated Sports: Flag Football (Fall), Basketball (Winter), Soccer (Winter and Spring)- Note: All intramural officials will work all sports throughout course of employment.

Staff Trainings: All staff trainings (both new and returning staff) will take place during the first two weeks of the quarter.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or 408-551-7183.