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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Campus Recreation is committed to the Jesuit concept of educating the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Campus Recreation seeks to fulfill this commitment by enriching the lives of students, faculty and staff through a broad scope of recreational, educational, and competitive programming. 


Campus Recreations strives to be a national leader in the recreational industry and an integral component of the campus community by providing excellence in recreation, diverse opportunities, and student learning.  We hope to mirror Santa Clara University's commitment to leading the nation on issues around sustainability.



We uphold a culture of honesty, respect, trust, fairness, responsibility, and accountability 


We create an environment that values, embraces, and enriches individual differences by providing programs services, and staff that reflect the diversity of the university

Experiential Learning

We challenge and support students to learn through experiences that enhance their personal, academic, and career development.


We model and inspire lifestyles that encourage lifelong health and well-being 


We operate our programs and facilities at the highest of safety, quality, and customer service


We integrate our cherished traditions with new opportunities for fun and learning as advances are made within our industry.


We enrich relationships through collaboration, diversity, and sustainable practices.