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Whether you're looking to check out equipment for the day or for an event, the Malley Center has an array of equipment to meet your needs through our equipment checkout and rental services.

Equipment Checkout

Our equipment checkout service is provided at the Malley Center Front Desk. Malley Center Members need to provide their membership ID or access credential (mobile or physical) in exchange for equipment. We provide basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, badminton equipment, tennis equipment, pickleball equipment, frisbees, and ping pong equipment. Most of these items cannot leave our facility with the exception of the outdoor balls (to be used on campus). Equipment checkout items are only for checkout for that business day and must be returned 30 minutes before the posted closing time of the Malley Center. 

Equipment Rentals

Equipment rentals are for those who would like to rent equipment in addition to reserving a facility, for longer than a business day, or that is not provided at the front desk. These items include dodgeballs, cones, flag football equipment, softball equipment, kickball items, whiffle ball and bat, stopwatch, etc. Contact for a full list of available equipment for rent. Items are limited, so contact us at least seven (7) business days in advance to ensure that the items you need are available. Rentals are free of charge and only for those eligible to use. Restrictions may apply. See below for more information.

  • To check out equipment, a valid ACCESS credential (mobile or card), or Malley Center Membership card is needed. When equipment is checked in, the patron’s ACCESS/Malley Center Membership card is returned to them.
  • A patron may only provide his/her personal ACCESS/Malley Center Membership card or ID to check out equipment. The card must have a name for us to identify them. The Malley Center Front Desk Staff is responsible for verifying that the card’s photo matches the patron.
  • If a patron uses someone else’s membership card in an attempt to check out equipment, the card is to be retained by the Campus Recreation Staff and held until the proper owner retrieves it. If the card is not retrieved, it will be returned to the ACCESS Card Office.
  • Guests are not permitted to check out equipment. Sponsoring members must check out all needed equipment.
  • After checking out the equipment, the patron has until 30-minutes before the end of the business day to return the equipment. All equipment must be returned 30-minutes before closing. 

Refer to our policies page for a more detailed look at our equipment checkout policies.

  • They must be placed at least 7 days prior to event, to the Assistant Director for Membership and Operations at, and campusrec@scu.eduIt will be pulled and placed at the Malley Center Front Desk if Campus Recreation Staff deems the event is appropriate for the intended use of the equipment and if the equipment is available for rental (if not in use by an intramural sport).
  • Equipment will be placed at the Malley Center Front Desk two days prior to the event. At the time of pick up, the Equipment Check-Out Form must be filled out by the user acknowledging the responsibility for replacing Campus Recreation property if lost or broken.  The user who picks up and drops off equipment will sign and date the agreement form located at the Front Desk.
  • There is limited equipment available. Various pieces of equipment have additional restrictions based on where they are going and the time of year. (e.g. Our dodgeballs can only be used in an event in the facility and our intramural flag football flags can only be used outside of the flag football season.)
  • Equipment Requests are limited to available Campus Recreation property. Any requests for tables, chairs, additional trash cans, etc. must be made through the Facilities Department.

Damaged, Lost, Stolen, and Unreturned Equipment 

  • For all damaged, lost, or stolen equipment that is not returned, a replacement fee will be collected; fees vary depending on equipment.
  • After checking out equipment, the patron has until 30-minutes before the end of the business day to return the equipment. For all equipment not returned 30-minutes prior to closing on the same business day, a fee will be collected.
  • A charge form will be filled out and responsible parties will have seven days to pay any fees to avoid losing access to the Malley Center.
  • Patrons who return equipment in this period will have  replacement fees waived.
  • To pay, stop by the Malley Center Front Desk during business hours and let them know you have a fee to pay or equipment to return. Charge forms are located in Will Call under the person’s last name at the Front Desk.
  • Campus Recreation accepts cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard for payment.