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Schedules and Sports Offered

The Santa Clara University Intramural Program offers many opportunities for you to enjoy participating in recreational sport leagues. Intramural Sports has over 3,800 students, faculty and staff participating annually on one of 500 teams with over 1,000 competitions being played.

Join in the fun! Sign up your team during the registration window (starts the first day of each quarter and closes the following Wednesday) and enjoy the game!

All of our intramural sports are hosted through the website

After creating an account, you and your friends will be able to create a team, join a team, view your schedules, view your statistics, and so much more through IMLeagues!

For more information on how to use IMLeagues, specifically how to view a schedule, please consult this document.

Participant How To's

Below you can see the IMLeagues portal that shows sports offered and registration dates.  Click on the League of interest for more information.