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Triathlon at SCU

Enjoy swimming, biking, and running? The Triathlon Club is the place for you!

We are a competitive group, training to be a serious contender at the collegiate triathlon level, while still having fun. Throughout the year we strive to stay in peak condition, both physically and mentally, by pushing each other during training sessions. The team is open to all students, experienced or not! The main goals are to train hard, train smart, and have fun. Enjoy one, or even two, of the events but not the other(s)? Some of our races offer relays! In a relay, you have the chance to race with a team, where each individual will race in a leg of either swimming, running, or biking!

For more information, contact the Triathlon Team President!

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tri team pic

The SCU Triathlon team is proud to have been honored with the Club Sports "Open Sport of the Year"!! 

Meet Our Team Officers 

Co-Presidents Arnav Choudhury McKenzie Cooke
  Year: Senior Year: Senior
  Hometown: Cupertino, CA Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
  Favorite Artist: The Old Kanye Favorite Artist: That Triathlon Life Podcast
  Favorite Food: Cookie Dough Ice Cream Favorite Food: Salad
  Favorite Discipline: Post-Race Meal Favorite Discipline: Bike
  Fun Fact: I like chicken Fun Fact: I like being faster than the boys
Chief Technical Officer Eugene Lim Social Media Chair Daniel WU
  Year: Junior   Year: Junior
  Hometown: Newport Beach, CA   Hometown: Dallas, TX
  Favorite Artist: AKFG   Favorite Artist: Eminem
  Favorite Food: K BBQ   Favorite Food: Pasta/Spaghetti
  Favorite Discipline: Resting with my eyes closed while laying down   Favorite Discipline: Swimming
  Fun Fact: I am in a perpetual state of being cold   Fun Fact: My parents have owned a Chinese restaurant in Dallas for over 20 years now.
Meet our Coach Jared Shimada Meet our Assistant Coach Claire Van Dyke
  Class of 2016 BS & 2018 MS   Class of 2023
  Favorite Discipline: I can't pick one, they're all too fun   Favorite Discipline: Running across the finish line to get free food 
  Fun Fact: I work at NASA   Fun Fact: I work at the school I went to for 15 years 


Our wonderful team sponsors who help make our participation in the sport of triathlon possible:

Upshift Cycles

 SCU TRI Sponsor Upshift Cycles

Skratch Labs

 SCU TRI Sponsor Skratch Labs


         SCU TRI Sponsor Zealios


SCU TRI Sponsor Finis

Practice Schedule


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

7 AM - Swim @ Sullivan Aquatic Center

6 PM - Run @ Bellomy Field

7 AM - Swim @ Sullivan Aquatic Center


6 PM - Ride @ Bellomy Field

6 PM - Run @ Bellomy Field

7 AM - Swim @ Sullivan Aquatic Center

9 AM - Ride @ Bellomy Field + Run OTB

SWIMS: Our swims are typically between 2,000-4,000 yards. We focus on drills/techniques for a portion of the workout and then jump into our sets. We focus on shorter sets at the beginning of the week and longer sets at the end.

RUNS: For run workouts, we meet at the main gate to Bellomy Field by the bike racks. Most run workouts are done on the dirt path surrounding Bellomy Field. Workouts consist of intervals and longer tempo/threshold efforts as well as some easy off-campus runs mixed in.

RIDES: We have two team rides: a night ride on Wednesday and a morning ride on Saturday. Wednesday rides are shorter tempo rides where we push the pace and work on group riding skills like drafting. Expect rides to be between 20-25 miles. Lights are required. Saturday rides are no-drop rides at a more casual pace than Wednesday. These rides typically have some sustained climbing involved. Expect to ride between 35-50 miles.