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Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Women’s Ultimate
Also known as RAGE, derived from Santa Clara Raging Ultimate Women, this team offers a place for women to play the competitive, fast-paced sport of Ultimate Frisbee. 

The team plays in various tournaments throughout the year, up and down California and the West Coast. 

No matter your experience, you are encouraged to give this fun and exciting sport a try as it adapts well to athletes of any background. And, as Nike's mission statement says, "If you have a body, you are an athlete" (2020).

For more information, contact team leadership at!


Team Coaches: 

Matt Losquadro - 

Kara Horwald - 

Carolyn Drewry - 

Team President:

Claire Murphy - 

Team Captains:

Clara Mays -

Kristine Fischer-Colbrie -

Riley Fink -