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Meet Leadership!

This year we have the privilege of having two skilled coaches, three passionate captains, and two dedicated co-presidents!

Biddie Co-Pres
Sienna "Biddie" Unter


Sienna ("Biddie"), hailing from middle-of-nowhere Sacramento, is one of the senior co-presidents for Rage this year! This is her fourth year playing frisbee (if you count the COVID year), and you can catch her skying opponents on the field even though she's the shortest on the team. If you want to get to know her off the field, ask her about math or bidets!

Bruz Co-Pres
Sofia "Bruz" Brumbaugh


Sofia (“Bruz”), who will make sure you know she is a local from sunny Santa Cruz, is the other senior co-president this year! She can be seen on the field running, catching and hucking with the form of a dancer and will always support a round of ‘slackjaw’. She first played ultimate in middle school but forgot all of it until joining Rage her freshman year. She can be found doing homework in the courtyard of SCDI but loves to be distracted. Ask her about favorite coffee shops or her Spotify and she may not stop talking.

Camp Captain
Grace "Camp" Knight


Grace (“Camp”) is one of the captains for Rage this coming year. She is from New Haven, CT which has the best pizza (try to fight her on it you will lose). On the field you can count on her to lift the vibes and raise the team’s spirits with ‘yay therapy’. Definitely be sure to ask her about the ‘deep in the heart’ cheer. It is her third year on the team and she is excited to be tossing the day away!

Rav Captain
Riley "Ravioli" Fink


Riley (“Rav”), a wannabe surfer from Boulder, Colorado, is one of the captains for Rage this year! Rav has played frisbee since the end of senior year of high school. When she joined rage she proved to be the most skilled rookie of her class and then quickly became a star of the team. Since then, she went on to have a moment playing on the competitive Bay Area Donuts club mixed team over the summer. This will be her second year being captain of Rage! Besides hucking discs and dressing like a frat boy, she enjoys a hootin’ tootin’ country line dancing bar, boogie boarding, and all kinds of math. Rav is absolutely ecstatic about this season of Rage ultimate! 

Mouse Captain
Liv "Mouse" Pruett


Liv (“Mouse”), a longtime frisbee lover, is “hella” excited to be a captain this year with Rav and Camp. As a fellow New Haven pizza advocate, New Englander, and lover of snowy Massachusetts winters, she is new to playing in the dry heat of the Bay. Liv rightfully earns her mom status on and off the field with six years of frisbee experience and public health studies making their way into her passion for hydration, wellness, and spirit of the game. Ask her how great transferring to SCU was and she’ll drag you to Rage practice, highway 9, and a few local ramen spots.