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Santa Clara’s Rage team, derived from Santa Clara Raging Ultimate Women, was established in 2007 and since has grown as a team dedicated to athleticism and supporting women doing cool things. Whether it’s at practice, in game, or day-to-day your Rage teammates are there to support you and all your achievements. 

Come to a practice and you will find not only great athletes but incredible students and amazing friends for life. Along with active players, Rage has an incredible alumni network who will often come back for Alumni weekend scrimmages. 

Join us as we improve our ultimate skills and have an exciting season going to tournaments in sunny Santa Barbara, beautiful Santa Cruz, dazzling Davis, and more!

Rage Group Photo #2
Rage group cheer after a hard fought game against USC at the Stanford Open (Winter 2022)
Rage group photo after taking first place at the Home Tournament (Winter 2022)
SCU RAGE Team Photo
Riley Fink RAGE photo
Past Captain Rav (Riley Fink) sending a backhand laser at Stanford Open (Winter 2022)
Past President Riri (Claire Murphy) laying out to catch a disk in the endzone at Home Tournament (Winter 2022)
Rage Ultimate Pic - SC #2
Rage Ultimate Pic - SC
Past Captain TwoBit (Clara Mays) skying an opponent and beating them to the disk at Home Tournament (Winter 2022)