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Schedule and Results

Club Tennis schedule as of 1/30/24

  • Oct. 15
    Berkeley Tournament

    A Team: Manolo, Colin, Mnason, Kacy, Lizzy, Mary, Sydney

    B Team: Charlie, Nicos, Chris Z, Ryan P, Maddie, Megan, Kaylee

    C Team: Jeffrey, Brandon, Ezana, Chatham, Sapna, Kendall, Jasmine

    Results: A Team reached second place in the whole tournament!

  • Oct. 27-29
    Texas Tournament

    Five students each holding a small silver trophy

    A Team: Manolo, Colin, Charlie, Yuzu, Meredith

    Results: A Team won the silver bracket!

  • Nov. 10-12

    A Team: Manolo, Mnason, Colin, Lizzy, Yuzu, Kacy, Sydney

    B Team: Chris Z, Charlie, Luke, Nicos, Megan, Emma, Chatham, Meredith

    C Team: Jeffery, Gavin, Brandon, Kendall, Maddie, Izzy

    D Team: Jack, Ryan O, Rob, Josh O, Sapna, Sophie, Kaylee

    Results: A Team won gold consolation and D Team won the copper bracket!

  • March 15-17
    Spring Invitational