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Please consider Donating to SCU Men's Lacrosse

The Santa Clara University Men's Lacrosse Team is partially funded by the SCU Club Sports Program. However, the majority of our funds come from member dues, generous donations from alumni, friends and family members, sponsorships, and fundraising opportunities.

The team is sincerely thankful for the support of alumni, friends and family. Any donation is greatly appreciated and is put to good use in order to help fund tournament fees, traveling expenses, uniforms and gear, and more. 

If you would like to donate to the SCU Men's Lacrosse Team, please use the link below! All amounts are greatly appreciated.

Donate Now!

Annual Day of Giving

If any family, friends, or Alumni would like to set up a "challenge" to help maximize our giving opportunities on this day please see below:

Day of Giving Challenge Options: Public or Anonymous

Dollar-for-Dollar Challenge: All gifts made to the XXX fund on the Day of Giving will be matched dollar-for-dollar by an anonymous donor up to $XXk.

Participation Challenge: If there are at least 150 gifts made to the XXX on the Day of Giving, an anonymous donor will contribute an additional $XXK this year.