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Compliance at the University

Compliance Matrix

With the input of staff and faculty around the University, this Compliance Matrix has been created as a reference for our institutions reporting requirements. Please note that the content is subject to change pending new updates.

View the Compliance Matrix

Santa Clara University must comply with numerous regulations and their reporting requirement & deadlines throughout the calendar year. In this section, you will find information that will aid your department in compliance efforts.

To view a comprehensive list of regulations, the Higher Education Compliance Alliance (HECA) Compliance Matrix lists key federal laws and regulations governing colleges and universities.

It includes a brief summary of each law, applicable reporting deadlines, and links to additional resources. Users can sort by topic area or by date to plan for upcoming reporting requirements. Users can also filter by topic, to limit the matrix to certain topics of interest (i.e. athletics or human resources).

View the Matrix HERE (last updated June 2017, view the changes)