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Events Coverage / TULIP


External Users of a Santa Clara University facility for a non-Santa Clara University sponsored event (i.e. Firefighter 5K, World Wide Women’s Day, Speech and Debate Tournament, Piano recitals, weddings etc.) must rent the space on campus through a Facilities Use Agreement, issued through the appropriate department.  

That agreement requires that the user must be insured for liability and must give evidence of such insurance coverage (an insurance certificate) to the event location office and to the Office of Risk Management.  Users not having their own insurance are welcome to use the TULIP program (see below) as an option for purchasing the general liability insurance that SCU requires.

Anyone renting a Santa Clara University facility for a non-SCU sponsored event must submit a certificate of insurance with the following coverage and minimum limits to the office/department booking the event and space and to Risk Management and Compliance.

Commercial General Liability – Bodily Injury and Property Damage 

$1,000,000 General Aggregate Limit

$1,000,000 Combined Single Limit per occurrence

$1,000,000 Products/Completed Operations aggregate

$1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury per occurrence

$50,000 Any One Fire

$5,000 Accident Medical Coverage

$1,000,000 Liquor Liability Aggregate Limit

$100,000 Abuse or Molestation coverage

Santa Clara University must be shown as Additional Insured on all liability policies.

A description of the event and the anticipated dates and location on campus must be shown on the certificate of insurance.

Event and Vendor Management

  • Events organized by an internal SCU department should be approved by Campus Safety, Risk Management, Facilities and Operations, Environment, Health and Safety and Event Planning.
  • Written contracts or agreements must be used when hiring a vendor, contractor or performer for events or when renting/leasing equipment for an event.  All contracts must be reviewed by the office of the General Counsel prior to signing.
  • Contracts may only be signed by University Administration. Students and other faculty or staff are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of Santa Clara University.
  • Think ahead. Allow sufficient time for evaluation of your event and contract review and finalization. 

TULIP stands for Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy. It provides insurance to third parties who are using university facilities.  It is event specific and can cover vendors, performers, and exhibitors, as needed.

The TULIP program offers a cost-effective, easy way for campus facility users to get the insurance they need. The transaction is concluded with payment by credit card by the facility user. Upon completion of the transaction, copies of the certificate of insurance coverage are emailed to the facility user and the risk management office.

The program can cover any number of events and users. Class I events are low risk and include weddings, receptions, classical music recitals or dance shows, art shows, meetings and socials. Class II events are slightly higher risk and include some political rallies, several outdoor events, soapbox derbies and meetings. Class III events are the highest risk category that can be automatically covered without insurance company review and include some sporting events, small parades, and theatrical stage performances.  

Additional information on the TULIP program can be found here.

Navigate to the following website: GatherGuard.

Step 1: Select your Event Type
  • Select the event category you wish to insure.
  • Choose the one that best represents the primary activity
Step 2: Complete your Event Information by answering 3 qualifying questions for quote
  • If you have held this event before, have there been any losses or claims?
  • Will there be any armed security who are not police officers?
  • Are you a promoter? (A promoter is a company in the business of financing or organizing events for profit. One who assumes the financial responsibilities of the event.)
Step 3: Complete your Event Information by entering your Venue Code
  • Click or tap on "Search for a venue" and enter "Santa Clara University"
  • Select your "Basic Coverage"
  • Enter details  in "About Your Event"
  • Enter any "Additional Coverages" details
  • Clikc or tap on "Checkout"
Step 4: Complete your Checkout by entering the following information
  • Insured
  • Insurance Contact
  • Payment Information

Finally, please confirm payment information and "Preview Additional Certificate Holders"