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Looking forward: Santa Clara 2020 articulates the University’s bold and ambitious goals, together with the means to achieve them.

Santa Clara 2020

Fr. Engh

A Letter from the President

February 19, 2014

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Santa Clara:

Inspired by the Jesuit philosophy of magis—the value of striving for ever-higher levels of achievement for the common good—Santa Clara today aspires to a far greater role in building a more humane, just, and sustainable world. As articulated in Santa Clara 2020—a bold new vision and integrated strategic plan—the University proposes to further its societal impact with distinctive, new contributions to the global enterprise of higher education.

The vision embodied in Santa Clara 2020 is the culmination of four years of collaborative, inclusive planning and visioning by the University community. The plan that has resulted promises to transform the Santa Clara student experience, redefining and elevating the University's position among the nation's premier universities animated by a distinctive Jesuit approach to holistic education. By integrating the University's enrollment, facilities, and strategic plans in an unparalleled fashion, it honors our historical mission while building upon our core strengths and opportunities.

Transformations, such as the one we envision for Santa Clara are the result of hard, extended, and carefully planned work. Santa Clara 2020 presents a unifying vision and a touchstone for all of us as we set out to achieve the ambitious goals and vision expressed in this integrated strategic plan.

This dynamic website provides plan details and will be continually updated to keep the SCU community apprised of our progress. Please take the time to explore the contents of this site, and plan to visit it periodically to learn about all efforts, large and small, to advance the vision and strategic directions of Santa Clara 2020


Michael E. Engh signature

Michael E. Engh, S.J.

An Integrated Strategic Vision and Plan

Since its founding in 1851, Santa Clara University has excelled at educating the whole person. In doing so, it has transformed generations of students into principled and skilled citizen leaders, contributing profoundly to the social, economic, intellectual, and cultural well-being of our region, the state, and the nation—and far beyond.

Today, the University finds itself at a remarkable intersection: the convergence of history and tradition, great new challenges, and remarkable opportunities. With deep roots in both the Jesuit tradition of education and Silicon Valley's world-changing culture of innovation, Santa Clara is poised to redefine values-based higher education.

Santa Clara 2020—the University's new integrated strategic plan—articulates the University's bold and ambitious goals, together with the means to achieve them. In pursuing this vision, Santa Clara will take its place among leading universities, earning a distinctive reputation for rigorous and holistic education that uniquely prepares and empowers its graduates to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.