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Goal 2

Santa Clara University will cultivate within its students the knowledge, skills, ethical reasoning, global perspective, and desire to help fashion a more humane, just, and sustainable world.


  • Prepare students to evaluate and confront ethical dilemmas in their personal and professional lives, and galvanize students to work toward the promotion of justice.
  • Assist students in their vocational discernment as they develop post-college career plans that align with their talents, passion, and values.
  • Introduce students to the gritty reality of our globalizing world through innovative instruction, immersive programs, engaged scholarship, and reflection.
  • Advance prosperity and education within five socioeconomically challenged neighborhoods of San Jose through coordinated and collaborative engagement of Santa Clara University students, faculty, staff, and alumni with community members, businesses, and organizations.
  • Strengthen SCU's culture of environmental sustainability by becoming a climate-neutral, zero-waste campus that serves as a living laboratory for developing global solutions rooted in Catholic social thought.

Key Features Include:

  • Expanded ethics courses and programs for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Immersion experiences, action research fellowships, community-based internships (locally and globally)
  • Ignatian Center's Thriving Neighbors Initiative in San Jose
  • Vocational discernment and career planning
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Curricular and engagement opportunities focused on sustainability


Santa Clara University has had a long-standing commitment to care for the whole person and encourage service to others. Many campus units, including the three interdisciplinary Centers of Distinction and the Division of Student Life, work to create powerful experiences for students to address challenging societal problems.

Santa Clara is expanding—in scope and size—its most promising curricular and co-curricular experiences in order to encourage students to serve as transformative citizens and leaders