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Working Groups

In the Fall of 2017,  the Staff Senate organized itself into working groups to address the concerns highlighted by the SCU Staff through the 2017 Staff Survey.  Click on 2017/2018 Working Groups link below to reveal the work of those working groups.  

In the 2018-19 academic year, to address the evolving concerns of the staff and to support the current efforts taking place accross the campus , the Staff Senate reorganized itself into new working groups.  As the year progresses, the list below will become links to the latest work performed by these groups.  

2018/2019 Working Groups

  • Diversity and Inclusion Working Group
  • Staff Benefits Working Group
  • Staff Survey Working Group

In the Fall of 2017 the Staff Senate Executive Committee commissioned a survey of the University’s staff to identify the main areas of interest and concern. Four working groups (listed below) were created to assess the current status, gather additional information (if needed), present relevant findings to the staff community, and make recommendations to the appropriate governance bodies on campus (when necessary).

Working Groups