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Liaisons to University Committees

University Coordinating Committee (UCC)

The UCC is the meta committee that makes governance more efficient, effective and responsive. The UCC coordinates the work of the University Policy Committees, appoints to each UPC members who are competent to perform the work of that committee, and guarantees appropriate consultation and efficiency in the overall process of University governance.

University Coordinating Committee website »

2023-24 Liaisons: Bill Mains (ex officio) and Andrew Amador-Corrales (ex officio)


Staff Affairs University Policy Committee (UPC)

The Staff Affairs UPC promotes staff development and improves the quality of service and support provided. In this capacity, it serves as the final locus of dialogue in the formulation, review, and recommendation of policies and initiatives pertaining to the responsibilities, rights, and compensation of non-union staff members. The Staff Affairs UPC makes its recommendations to the administrator overseeing Human Resources.

The Staff Affairs UPC makes its recommendations to the senior administrator overseeing Human Resources.

Staff Affairs UPC website »

2023-24 Liaison: Ray Plaza (ex officio)


University Budget Council (UBC)

The purpose of the University Budget Council (UBC) is to develop the annual macro budget in the context of long-range financial planning.

The University Budget Council makes its recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the senior administrator overseeing the development of the University's annual operating and capital budgets.

UBC website »

2023-24 Liaison: Ray Plaza (ex officio)


Dining Services

The Dining Services Operations Committee helps facilitate and enhance University dining through regular communication between Bon Appetit management and the University customers. The committee solicits faculty, staff and student feedback about the food we eat on a regular basis and what we would like to see changed. The committee provides feedback on the customer dining experience on topics like menus, specials, service, facility appearance, etc.

2023-24 Liaisons: Christina Johnson & Robert Brancatelli (alternate)


Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee

Reconstituted in 2022-23, this committee is charged with annually reviewing and providing feedback on parking and transportation regulations, policies, procedures, services and programs, serving as a component of the communication strategy for keeping the University community informed about parking and transportation issues, and serving as an outlet for members of the community to present concerns and suggestions
related to parking and transportation. Two staff representatives appointed to two-year staggered terms with recommendation made by the Staff Senate.

2022-24 Liaisons: John Rebagliati and Ixtlac Dueñas