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Information, Tips, and Guides for Parents

A parent, spouse, relative, employer, etc. that has been set up as "Authorized User" by the student can view billing statements and make an online payment on behalf of the student.  The Authorized User will use the HigherOne/CashNet login and use their authorized user login name and password.   From there, they can set up their own contact preferences.

How students create an Authorized User

  • Students Log into eCampus
  • Click the Financial Account tile
  • Click the SCU Pay Site
  • Click "Add New" in the Authorized User box

Once the student sets up the Authorized User, an email will be sent to the User.  The login name, temporary password, and Authorized User login link will be provided in the email.

PLEASE NOTE:  Authorized payers will view the same landing page as the student.  Please note that the information in the "Account" box is real-time account activity and can change/differ from the billing statement due to enrollment or financial aid adjustments.

Navigate here to Login to SCUPAY Parents

Authorized Payers can view and make payments on the behalf of an SCU student using SCUPAY.

Navigate here to Login to SCUPAY ParentsLogin to SCUPAY

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