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Technology at SCU

Using Google Transfer and Google Takeout

For Alumni and Students only:  You can use Google Transfer or Google Takeout to export your data from your SCU Google Workspace account. 

Exception: If you have been an SCU employee in the past (not including time as a student worker), your account may contain University-related emails or documents that include sensitive data that SCU is required by law to protect. Because of this, the tools described below are not enabled for your account. You can use these alternate instructions to move selected files to a personal Gmail account -- taking care not to transfer University-related files to any other account.

Transfer ownership of SCU files
If you have files that you think should be retained by SCU, transfer ownership before you export or delete any of your Drive data.

Files that are not transferred through Google Transfer and Google Takeout

  • Files in Shared drives
  • Files in My Drive where you have viewer access
  • Files for which the owner has turned off the download, print, and copy options


  • Use the Google Chrome browser with Transfer and Takeout.
  • Use an Incognito window, and sign in to only your SCU account. Do not sign in to both accounts in the same window.
  • These tools do not maintain sharing and permission settings on files and folders.
  • Start early! Export requests can take minutes to hours to days, depending on how much data will be exported.
  • Make separate requests for each set of application data (i.e., one request for Email, one request for My Drive).
  • Wait for one request to finish before starting another.
  • Once you start the process, you cannot stop it; you will receive an email from Google when the process is complete.

Support for Google Transfer and Google Takeout

Please note, Information Services has no ability to diagnose or assist with problems you might encounter. SCU does not have visibility into the Transfer and Takeout tools, and cannot assist or diagnose issues you may encounter. For support, please refer to Google’s detailed instructions linked below.

Google Transfer

Use Google Transfer to copy your SCU Email and/or Google Drive content directly to another (non-SCU) Google account. 

Read Google’s detailed instructions for how to use Google Transfer before you get started.

Things to consider about Google Transfer:

  • To copy a subset of your Email or Drive content, use Google Takeout instead of Transfer.
  • You must have enough storage in the destination account or the transfer will fail.
  • The copy process usually happens within a few hours, but it can take up to a week.
  • Copied files or email might appear in batches on your Google account during the copy process.
  • Google Transfer only supports Email and Drive transfers.

Google Takeout

Use Google Takeout to download your SCU Google Workspace content. You can store that data locally, or upload it into a non-SCU Google account, or another third-party cloud-storage service.

Read Google’s detailed instructions for how to use Google Takeout before you get started.

Things to consider about Google Takeout:

  • You can use Google Takeout for all Google services.
  • You can customize the parameters for each Google service to download only a subset of the data.