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Technology at SCU

Share Document Camera in Zoom

Plug the USB cable into your computer's USB port. If you have a Mac, you may need an adapter. 

      • If you are using a classroom computer, plug it directly into the computer.USB ports on the classroom PC   USB ports on the classroom Mac
  • If there is a power button, turn on the device. IPEVO VZ-R document cameras have a slider near the base. Slide it down to turn on the camera.power slider for IPEVO VZ-R document cameras

Start or Join a meeting in Zoom. Choose Share Screen

Share Screen on the meeting control toolbar

In the Share Screen box, go to the Advanced Tab at the top and choose Content from 2nd Camera. Click Share to share the content.

How to share a document camera in Zoom

You can also alternate between sharing your document camera and webcam. Do this by clicking Switch Camera in the upper left corner to switch the shared camera.

how to switch the shared camera in Zoom