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Uploading recordings to Camino

Locate the Zoom recording files

It is recommended at this time that you record your Zoom sessions to the cloud so that your recordings are automatically backed up in Panopto/Class Recordings. 

 Accessing files recorded on the local computer

By default, your recordings will be available under Documents\Zoom folder.

You can log into Zoom desktop client > Settings > Recording tab to locate your recordings.  

Settings icon

Locate your recordings
Once you open the folder you will find your recordings sorted by recording date/time.  Open the desired folder and locate the .mp4 file for uploading.

Open the folder

Convert a Local Recording

If you cannot open your local Zoom recording from the Zoom folder on your computer, follow these steps to convert your recording.

Open the Zoom desktop application and sign in.

Go to your Meetings tab

Meetings button

Click "Recordings"

Select the recording you want to access.

Click "Convert"
Convert button

The video will convert.

Converting meeting recording

When it is done, the "Convert" button will be replaced by the following options:

Post-conversion options

 Accessing files recorded in the cloud

Your recordings will be available in the Zoom web portal under Recordings
Accessing files recorded to the cloud

Select desired recording session, click More button > Download files.

Select desired recording session


Log in and Open the Class Recordings tab

Log in to Camino Learning Management System ( > select the Camino icon )

Login to Camino

You should now see the Class Recordings tab showing up in the left menu section.  Click on the tab to open the Class Recordings folder.

Rename the uploaded file

Click Create button > select Upload media.

Create - Select upload media

Click on the grey upload box > select the desired file to upload.

Select photo to upload

Please leave the window open while the file is being uploaded.  Closing the window will stop the file upload process.  A Stop button is shown during the upload.  You are free to close the window once the Stop button disappears.

Please Note: It can take between 5 minutes to 1 hour for the video upload to complete, this is dependent on the length of the video and your internet speed.

In addition, it can take 10 minutes - 2 hours for the server to process the video so it is viewable. This is dependent on the length of the video.

File is being uploaded

 Rename the uploaded file

Once the file is done uploading, you will see the file appear in the folder.

Rename the uploaded file

Click on Settings button to change file name.  Click Edit next to the file name.  Click Save when done.

Save renamed file

You can also perform a few other basic operations.

Perform basic operations

Embed your Class Recordings to Camino Pages

Open the Camino page you would like to embed the videos to.

Click Edit button located on the top right corner.

Camino edit button

Click More external tools(More External Tools) icon, then click the Class Recordings option.

Class Recordings option

A smaller browser window will pop up, showing you the list of videos available to embed.  Once a video is selected, you can make additional adjustments to the embed video such as the width of the embed video, or whether to show the video title.

Class Recordings window

Click the Insert button when you are ready.

The video is now embedded to your page.  Please remember to click the Save button to commit to the change.

VIdeo embedded

For other setting changes and advanced features please contact Media Services to schedule a One on One Training.