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Adding an Academic Calendar

SCU's Office of the Registrar manages the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. Subscribing to this calendar will display the week within the quarter, add/drop deadlines, registration periods, finals schedule, and academic holidays to help you plan and schedule quickly and efficiently.

Calendar Name

SCU Undergraduate Academic Calendar

How To    

  • Open the Google Calendar Application.
  • Click the + sign under "Other calendars" to Subscribe to a Calendar.

Subscribe to Google Calendar

  • Select "Subscribe to calendar"

Subscribe to Google Calendar Step 2

  • Type the the name of the Academic Calendar you wish you to add to your Google Calendar (list above).

Type Add Calendar Name

  • The calendar items will now appear in the "All Day" section of your calendar.
  • Enjoy.

 Examples from the Undergraduate Academic Calendar

  • Keep track of what week it is.

  • Schedule family and fun time during academic holidays.

  • Keep track of important add/drop/incomplete dates.

  • Know when the student registration period is coming up.

  • Know when finals week starts and ends.



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