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Technology Training offers non-credited classes on a variety of software applications. As always our classes are free to the entire university community but space is limited. If you're interested in our classes please visit our current calendar for your next opportunity.


For more information on additional resources available to students including free software, computer discount purchase programs, printing, wireless access, and cable TV please the Technology @ SCU page.


Technology for Academic Success

eCampus Series

eCampus is Santa Clara University's student information system. This is the central location for student financials, degree audit, grades, and profile information.

Welcome to eCampus (0:25)

eCampus - Logging In (1:39)

eCampus - Updating Profile Information (2:42)

eCampus - Exploring Academics (1:48)

eCampus - Exploring your SCU Financial Account (0:58)

MySCU Portal Series

The MySCU Portal is the central location for the Single Sign-on applications you will use at Santa Clara University.

Welcome to MySCU Portal (0:40)

MySCU Portal - Logging in (2:38)

MySCU Portal - Google Workspace @ SCU (2:19)

MySCU Portal - Camino (2:29)

MySCU Portal - Additional Resources (2:04)

MySCU Portal - Gallagher Student Health Insurance Waiver (1:23)

Class Enrollment Series

The class enrollment feature can be found in the SCU Manage Classes module in eCampus.

Welcome to Class Enrollment (0:37)

Class Enrollment - Logging in (1:07)

Class Enrollment - Register for a class (2:08)

Class Enrollment - Register for a class with a lab (1:41)

Class Enrollment - Reviewing your class schedule (1:22)

Additional Resources Series

Santa Clara University has several key resources to help you navigate your first-year experience and beyond.

Welcome to Additional SCU Resources (0:27)

Additional SCU Resources - Technology @ SCU (2:30)

Additional SCU Resources - Mobile SCU (1:49)

Additional SCU Resources - the University Library (1:33)

Additional SCU Resources - Mission Sustainable (1:43)

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