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Basic Needs Committee

The Basic Needs Committee is a new, cross-functional, campus-wide Committee that is developing an action plan to provide a timely, efficient, equitable, and effective response to students with basic needs insecurity. 

Committee Membership

  • Alexis Takagi, Basic Needs Coordinator
  • Chisomaga Nlemigbo, Undergraduate Student (‘25)
  • Christopher Bacon, Associate Professor in Environmental Studies and Sciences
  • Colleen Maeder, Associate Director for Student Well-Being
  • Ipsita Bhattacharya, Graduate Student ('24)
  • Jason Fitzer, Assistant Dean for Student Life
  • Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost for Student Life & Dean of Students, Convener
  • Jessica Johns, Associate Director of Student Advocacy LEADS Program
  • Jessica Kas-Osoka, Case Manager Cowell Center  
  • Jules Holland, Undergraduate Student ('24)
  • Katie Duffy, Undergraduate Student ('24)
  • Margarita Malagon, Director for Housing Business Services
  • Margaret Hunter, Sociology Professor and Arts and Sciences Strategic Advisor to the Dean for Faculty DEI Initiatives
  • Matthew Duncan, Associate Dean for Student Life
  • Meredith Lierk, Director for The Wellness Center
  • Samuel Florio, Associate Vice President Auxiliary Services
  • Stefani Blanco, Assistant Director for Financial Aid
  • Vanessa Perez, Committee Administrative Support
  • Victor Lemus, Campus Minister