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Marketing and Communications

Horizontal Display

List upcoming three events in a horizontal, full width display and link the SCU event calendar.

The Event List - LiveWhale Calendar Widget content type can also be designed for a full-width display. You can include an optional label above the list, and a link to a section that includes your full calendar, if you have that available.

To accomplish this event list display, first create a custom horizontal formatted widget in Livewhale. Secondly, create the T4 page:

  1. Select the Site Specific Full Width page layout
  2. Add the Landing Page Container content type. Select a background color. Add "Upcoming Events" in the Heading area.
  3. Add the Event List - LiveWhale Calendar Widget content type (using the horizontal widget you just created using the horizontal widget formatting).
  4. Add the Landing Page Container content type. Check the "Closing the Container?" checkbox. Add "See All Events" text on the footer area and link it to your full calendar section or your full calendar from

If you'd like to include images in your horizontal display, please submit a support ticket with your request. Image curation requires considerable effort to ensure image quality, title and summary lengths, and accessibility compliance.


  • Write short, concise event descriptions of similar word lengths to help with alignment across event descriptions. 
  • Limit descriptions to less than 50 words for the best results on all screen sizes.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events with Images