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Content Types

Here's where things get interesting.

“Content types” is a rather bland term for what is often the most dynamic part of a webpage. Image galleries, maps, news and events list, embedded widgets and more are available content types. Most content types have been styled so that they are “swappable” – there are several content types that can be used at two widths – both one column and two column variations.

General Content

You may find that you'll select General Content most often, as it provides a WYSIWIG editor allowing you to enter text, images, and links to other media.

The text you're reading here was entered in a General Content type. There are two form fields provided: an optional Introduction field, which is the larger-font-size gray text below the page title, and the Full Text content, which is a required field.

Although the Introduction field is not required, it's very much recommended. A short summary of the page contents can greatly assist your readers' ability to find content on your site.

Also included in the form are options to position the content in Main, Main-Left, Main-Right, or Right Sidebar content layout areas.

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