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Marketing and Communications


The Block - Text and Image or Video content type is designed for landing pages and will feature an image or video with brief text and/or a call to action link.

The content type options available include the following, and are demonstrated below.

  • Width: 50% or ⅔ width for text
  • Image or Video URL
  • Image/Video Position: Left (default) or right side
  • Heading/Lead/Body text
  • Background color: white/light gray/brand red
  • Call to action button: internal T4 or external link, with custom link text
Full Width
Heading Text

Lead Text (optional)

Body Text (optional). This is an example of the content type with default settings applied.

Call to Action

Right-aligned Video

An image or video can be positioned on the right side.

This example includes heading text, lead text, and (this) body text, and other settings are customized. The text area is set to two-thirds of the block width, and we've set the background color to Red.

Replay the Video

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