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Marketing and Communications


Accordions are panels that animate open and shut to show relevant content inside. They are perfect for information that could otherwise be an overwhelming wall of text – course descriptions, or a list of policies, for example.

Don’t put any critical or very timely content inside an accordion – we can never guarantee that a user will open a panel. Panels can contain text and images – videos can work also, but sometimes the embed code can make the opening animation a bit jumpy. It’s probably best to leave videos either above or below the accordion

Santa Clara's University Marketing and Communications assists the University's schools, academic departments, and administrative offices with outreach, visual branding, and media placement.

Information Services supports teaching, learning, scholarship and University operations by providing access to, facilitating use of, and managing the collection, processing, storage, maintenance, and preservation of information.

You can include a second (or third) Accordion group, and (optionally) have the view expanded.

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