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Call to Action

Recommended for pages using the Landing Page or Full Width page layout, this content type allows you to stylize your website's primary calls to action. A call to action, as its name implies, is designed to compel the user to take action. In this case, up to three actions with an optional heading and body text. 

Designed to grab the user’s attention, when using this content type, think about the action or set of actions that matter most to your website visitors. Understanding your user intentions and what they are looking for can really help work out where to introduce calls to action. An effective call to action should include action words such as "visit", "apply", and "join". 

Formatting and Accessibility

  • A good call to action should be a short phrase, not a sentence. Most are no longer than five to seven words.
  • The call to action should clearly indicate the action of the button, describing the link’s destination.
  • A screen reader may only read the link text and not the surrounding text, therefore it’s important for link text to make sense on its own. Avoid link text like “Click Here,” “More,” and “Read More.”

T4 Fields

*Required fields



This content type allows for a dark and light color scheme, or you can upload a background image that will fill the background with the text overlay. Choose a variation on the Call to Action Type field drop-down: Solid-Light, Solid-Dark, or Background Image. You can link buttons to an internal section or content, or you can use the External Link field to an external link.

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