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The Windowpane is a block of content that's assembled within a grid. There are three display types for a Windowpane:

  • A title and subtitle, with a link
  • A title, subtitle and call to action button
  • A list of links

In each case you have options to set the background color, image, and text.

The Windowpane requires the companion Windowpane Grid content type. Add a Windowpane Grid, and then add multiple Windowpane items to be included in the grid. You can modify the position of individual Windowpanes in the Grid by reordering the content items in the section.

There's just one customization option for the Grid. By default, the grid will span the full width of the page - all the way to the edges of the browser window. If you check the box to use the standard width, the grid will be contained within the normal main content area of the page. We have that checked in this example.


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