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About TerminalFour, the SCU web site's content management system.

TerminalFour (or T4) is used to manage content on The T4 content management system was deployed in Summer 2015, and used as the CMS behind the redesigned SCU web site launched in January 2016. Support and training for T4 users is available through University Marketing and Communications, and the Academic Technology department in Information Services.

You can request a TerminalFour account using this form, and submit T4 support requests using Zendesk.

Open Issues

The current version is, installed on February 28, 2017. The following T4 product bugs have been confirmed with T4 Client Support, and are slated to be fixed in an upcoming product update.

When attempting to edit a variant for an image in the Media Library you will encounter an error message indicating a user permission issue. This bug has been reproduced in by T4 Client Support in their test environment, and is awaiting a product update.

We don't have a suggested workaround for this, other than creating a new variant from the original image.

When a variant of an image is selected and first published, the URL path for the image will use a temporary location and file name. When the CMS system cache is cleared (this happens nightly) and the page is republished, the URL path will be set to the permanent location. This is typically not an issue, but does cause problems with the HTML Email publishing system. If the html email is sent with image URLs referencing the temporary location, then image won't display for someone viewing the email after the cache is cleared and the image path is updated.

We have a validation step in place now in the HTML Email Manager that will check for the temporary image URLs, and if found will alert the sender to contact Brian or Tony to expedite resolving the issue. That involves manually clearing the T4 system cache and republishing the page.

T4 Client support has logged this as a bug, and we are awaiting a product update.

Recently resolved issues
Fixed in the update

This is a long-standing bug that we've just recently found a way to reproduce. The following steps will cause content in a section to lose any custom ordering sequence and revert back to the content creation date order.

1) Move content items into a custom order sequence

2) Remove one of the content items, moving it do a different section

3) Click the "Save" button below the list of content items

This will switch you back to the full T4 site manager view, but in the background the content in your section will have lost the custom ordering sequence.

This bug has been reproduced by T4 Client Support and will be addressed in a future product update. In the meantime, the problem can be avoided by not clicking the save button for the section after moving an item out. That step isn't required in order to save your reordered content - that's saved automatically when you drag and drop content into a new position.

Fixed in the update

Following the upgrade to version, we're not seeing the option to "Save and Select" an item added to the Media Library. Prior to the upgrade you could add a new image to the media library and select it in a text area or content type in one step. Now you'll need to add the media item, then go back and select it in a second step. We have submitted this as a product bug to TerminalFour.

Previously, if you added a section link to an image in the text editor the image would be deleted when the content was saved. That's now resolved.

Previously, when attempting to create a link to content that is outside of an area that the user can edit, the process would fail. This issue was resolved in the release.

This bug impacted certain content types, such as HTML Email Configuration and List Item. If you had previously duplicated these items, they can now be edited or deleted.

This was resolved in the release

If you added an image to the media library that included a period in the file name, the variants weren't automatically created. An image file such as "" would only add the original to the Media Library. You could manually create variants from it, however.

This issue was resolved in the 8.1.6 update. Prior to that, if you duplicated a piece of content you would encounter an error message when attempting to add a link to a section in the duplicated content's text editor.

This bug led to serious content management issues, as mirrored content is widely distributed on our site. It was resolved in the 8.1.5 update.

1 - In the original section, use a content type that has an HTML element to create text with one or more links to other T4 sections.
2 - Mirror this content to another section. (Should display fine at this point.)
3 - Add another link to the original content item.
4 - The mirrored content does not include the link added to the original content.

This issue was resolved in the 8.1.5 update.

When adding a link using the Section/Content form element in a content type, an option is presented to enter Custom Link Text. The custom text entered isn't saved, and reverts back to the default link text.


When attempting to apply a section or content link to a text string that included punctuation or special characters, the action would fail.

This bug was fixed in an earlier release, but reappeared in 8.1.5. It was fixed in the 8.1.6 update.

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