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TerminalFour offers two ways to publish content to the servers

When you save and approve content in TerminalFour, it's eligible to be published to the servers. Once content is published out of TerminalFour it resides on a staging server, and that content is synchronized with the production servers every 5 minutes.

There are two ways that publishing can happen; on a regular automated schedule, or manually. Here's how publishing works in each case.

Auto-scheduled publishing

Every 30 minutes, a process runs that looks for any new or updated content that has been saved and approved since the prior publishing process completed. If you save and approve a change in TerminalFour, it will be picked up and published at the next run at the top or bottom of the hour. This process looks for changes across the entire site, and so can take a while - 10 minutes or more - complete. Once that has completed, the updated content is on the staging server and ready to be synchronized with the www servers.

Regarding Archived Sections - An exception to this would be for saved & approved changes in Archived branches of the site. Archiving a section tells TerminalFour to skip the section (and anything below it) during these 30-minute scheduled publishes. Archived sections are included in a full-site publish process that runs once a day, at 4am. We do recommend archiving sections or branches of your site that are not likely to see content changes on a frequent basis. But if you do make a change in an Archived branch and want to see that on the www servers right away, you can publish it manually.

Manual publishing

You can publish a section or a branch manually, either by clicking the publish button at the top of the section's general settings or in the content editing panel.

Publish button in Section general settings

Publish button in Content editing panel


There's also an option to to manually publish a section or branch in the Site Structure view.

Publishing options in Site Structure view


Manual publishes generally happen very quickly - if there are no other queued manual publishes, a single section will publish to the staging server in about a minute. Once there, it will synchronize to the www servers at the next 5-minute cycle.

You can monitor your manual publishes by clicking the icon at the top of the T4 dashboard.

Publishing notification

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