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This content type allows you to inform users when there are emergency notifications (red), timely information (blue), or important reminders (orange) they should be aware of. Keep alerts updated to ensure they are relevant, timely, and helpful.

Alerts can span the main content area or be added to any Full Width or Landing Page page layout.

Formatting and Accessibility

  • Limit alerts to 50 words, including links, with no line breaks.
  • Use minimal custom formatting as this content type already includes a custom icon and color. Stick to the use of a paragraph tag <p> and avoid using any other formats, such as headings.
  • A screen reader may only read the link text and not the surrounding text, therefore it’s important for link text to make sense on its own. Avoid link text like “Click Here,” “More,” and “Read More.”

T4 Fields

Alert icon Alert Title Alert Message


Choose a variation in the Alert Type field dropdown. The options are Emergency (red), Information (blue), Warning (orange).

Alert icon First Option: Use for emergency notifications (ie. COVID-19 FAQs).

Alert icon Second Option: Used for informational purposes.

Alert icon Third Option: Used as a warning or reminder alert.

An alternative to the Alert content type is the Announcement content type which allows for more information.

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