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Disqus Comments

Add comments to a page using the Disqus plugin

We're using the Disqus system to support comments for pages and stories. In order to use Disqus, the first requirement is to create a Disqus account through their web site. When you create your account you will be asked to set a short name - make a note of it, as you'll need it to complete the setup in T4. Once you have your account short name, follow these steps.

  1. Create a section named "disqus-config" in your site. This can be a child section of your site's main section.
  2. Add the "Disqus Comments Configuration" content type to the disqus-config section. This content type has one required field - your Disqus account's short name.

With these steps complete, you can include the Disqus comment form in a section or a Story content type.

If you want to include a comment form in a section in your site, add the "Disqus Comments Form" content type. No additional settings are needed, just save and approve it and the Disqus form will display.

If you're including comments in Story content, check the "Enable Disqus Comments" box for a story and it will include the comment form in the full story display.

The Disqus comment form looks like this:

Disqus comment form


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