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Stories can come from articles, press releases, event descriptions - any content that you might want to share.

Think about content that you might want to share, either in various areas of your site, or in other SCU web sites. If you can imagine that the content you're adding to a page might be something that you'd also feature on your site's home page, or that may be of interest to readers of another SCU site, consider using the Story content type for that. When you create a Story, it's immediately available to select and display on any web site. Stories can be selected by tag, by section, by date range, and there are multiple display options available to present the selected stories.

In this example, we're selecting the stories added to another section in this web site using the Story Display content type. As more stories are added to that section, they'll automatically be listed here. There are multiple display options for stories; in this case we're using the "Top Stories" display with the heading "Internet Ethics".

Sustainability at SCU

Two students perusing the extensive selection of donated clothes at Swap for Good

Take Action: Strength in Numbers

Let’s call on our communities to work together to create positive change!

Take Action: Less is More

Tips to pursuing happiness in simplicity and sustainability.

Forge Farm Stand Fridays

Take Action: Fill Stomachs, Not Landfills

Tips to take action in regards to minimizing food waste

Take Action: Hydration Conservation

Tips to take action in regards to reducing your water footprint (especially in a drought year)

Student wearing a dress from plastic bottles.

Fashion Do’s and Don'ts

Fashion-forward tips to reducing the environmental and social impacts of consumption.

Cropped image of ENACT for Sustainability Update

Better Society, Yourself, and the Local Environment

Tips to take action in regards to engaging in the local community and making a positive impact on the environment as an individual.