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Stories can come from articles, press releases, event descriptions - any content that you might want to share.

Think about content that you might want to share, either in various areas of your site, or in other SCU web sites. If you can imagine that the content you're adding to a page might be something that you'd also feature on your site's home page, or that may be of interest to readers of another SCU site, consider using the Story content type for that. When you create a Story, it's immediately available to select and display on any web site. Stories can be selected by tag, by section, by date range, and there are multiple display options available to present the selected stories.

In this example, we're selecting the stories added to another section in this web site using the Story Display content type. As more stories are added to that section, they'll automatically be listed here. There are multiple display options for stories; in this case we're using the "Top Stories" display with the heading "Sustainability at SCU".

Sustainability at SCU
  • Photo of Toby McChesney with the title, Toby McChesney Joins SCU Board of Directors image link to article

    Inspired by his students and SCU’s Center of Sustainability, Toby McChesney. SCU's vice provost for graduate programs, joins East San Jose nonprofit Veggielution’s board of directors. McChesney is currently participating in the Academics Working Group as part of a year-long inclusive planning process co-sponsored by the Division of Mission and Ministry to create a sustainability action plan that takes SCU through 2030 inspired by Pope Francis’ landmark environmental encyclical Laudato Si’.

  • An overhead view of Santa Clara University's campus with the city of Santa Clara in the distance. image link to article

    As a participant in the Santa Clara Green Power program by Silicon Valley Power (SVP), Santa Clara University is able to cover 100% of its electricity usage with renewable sources. SVP recently announced that all of the energy it provides to the city of Santa Clara is carbon-free as well – meaning whether you live on or off campus at SCU, your electricity comes from clean sources!

  • CB15_BroncoStatue_3632_006 image link to article

    As a Host Institution for the virtual conference, all those with an address register for free!

  • Screenshot of Film Square Print of Golden California Poppy image link to article

    Bronco Urban Gardens has had to adjust how our garden education looks this spring as we continue to learn online. While the tiny groups of garden explorers are something to be missed, the spirit of shared learning continues in all BUG programming as we partner with the Ignatian Center to support a range of ELSJ experiences.

  • complete resiliency bag with Forge Garden produce, pantry items from Gardner neighborhood corner store, and family educational activity supplies image link to article

    Resiliency Bags has donated, as of March 13, 2020, over 4,432 lbs. of produce to families and households in need. The content of our bags include Forge-grown produce, pantry items from the Gardner neighborhood corner store, and environmental education kits designed by BUG.

  • One Column image link to article

    SCU is now one of the few universities that has reached carbon neutrality of energy used for campus operations in 2020.

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