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Stories can come from articles, press releases, event descriptions - any content that you might want to share.

Think about content that you might want to share, either in various areas of your site, or in other SCU web sites. If you can imagine that the content you're adding to a page might be something that you'd also feature on your site's home page, or that may be of interest to readers of another SCU site, consider using the Story content type for that. When you create a Story, it's immediately available to select and display on any web site. Stories can be selected by tag, by section, by date range, and there are multiple display options available to present the selected stories.

In this example, we're selecting the stories added to another section in this web site using the Story Display content type. As more stories are added to that section, they'll automatically be listed here. There are multiple display options for stories; in this case we're using the "Top Stories" display with the heading "Sustainability at SCU".

Sustainability at SCU

  • Promote Food Justice, Earn a Badge!

    Tips to Take Action for food justice through the Sustainability Strategic Plan

  • energy image link to article

    Save Energy, Save the Earth

    Tips to take action in regards to energy conservation in the home-stretch of the Residence Hall Energy Challenge! Learn how you can minimize your energy usage and maximize your Residence Hall's chance of victory in the Energy Challenge, all while helping the planet and fighting climate change.

  • change makers of SCU, jenny moore and steven bucher image link to article

    Do Your Part

    Now is as good a time as ever to get inspired to fight the climate crisis we are facing! But we don't have to take drastic measures to substantially change our situation. All we need is a little inspiration, teamwork, and Bronco spirit! Take a look at your fellow Broncos doing the small things that can make the biggest difference. We all can be change makers! Now get out there, and do your part!

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    SCU Recognized for Sustainability Best Practice Awards

    The Center for Sustainability won three Best Practice Awards including Sustainable Food Service: Students Leading the Shift Toward a Sustainable Campus Food System, Sustainability Innovations: Utilizing Campus Farms for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Planning, Communications, and Partnerships: A People-Oriented Sustainability Strategic Plan.

  • forge garden potluck image link to article

    Sustainable Partying

    A quick and easy guide to enjoying the sunshine, and having fun with your friends, all the while minimizing your waste footprint on our planet.

  • Crop image link to article

    Sustainable for the Planet and Your Wallet

    What you purchase and from where you purchase your everyday products can make a huge difference for people and the planet!