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Sustainability at SCU

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    The Center for Sustainability Recognized for Sustainability Innovation at the 2019 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference

    The Center for Sustainability won three Best Practice Awards including Sustainable Food Service: Students Leading the Shift Toward a Sustainable Campus Food System, Sustainability Innovations: Utilizing Campus Farms for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Planning, Communications, and Partnerships: A People-Oriented Sustainability Strategic Plan.

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    Sustainable Partying

    A quick and easy guide to enjoying the sunshine, and having fun with your friends, all the while minimizing your waste footprint on our planet.

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    Sustainable for the Planet and Your Wallet

    What you purchase and from where you purchase your everyday products can make a huge difference for people and the planet!

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    The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions every year. You can be a part of the sustainable mobility revolution by changing your individual behaviors. You’ll be surprised how fun it can be to explore different transport options. Try out these tips to take action in regards to mobility and transportation!

  • Logo for Environmental Justice conference showing a tree with roots overlayed with a silhouette of urban buildings image link to article

    Everyday E.J.

    In line with the University’s commitment to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world, SCU is continuing to develop partnerships with community- and faith-based organizations, government agencies, and other Jesuit institutions. Learn how to engage in environmental justice issues right here on campus!

  • Promote Food Justice, Earn a Badge!

    Tips to Take Action for food justice through the Sustainability Strategic Plan