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Story Display - Lists

A variety of options are available to display a list of stories.

When adding stories to a section the default display will be a thumbnail image (if available) and the story title and summary text, with a link to the full story. There are several other options available when using the companion Story Display content type. You would add the Story Display to a section other than the one that contains your stories, and configure it to select stories from a section or branch, filtered by date or tag, and with one of the Story Display options applied.

In this example we have stories listed in the default manner first, followed by the same list with title and date only, and with title only.

Default Story List Display
  • Healthymagination Mother and Child Programme, a collaboration of GE and Santa Clara University's Miller Center, aims to bolster 17 social entrepreneurs addressing maternal and child health in sub-Saharan Africa

    GE/Miller Center program provides 17 social entrepreneurs focused on maternal or child health in the region with a 3-day workshop, six months of training and mentoring, and a pitch competition.

  • Catholic Leaders Address Unique Theological and Pastoral Needs of Hispanic Parishioners, at Instituto Hispano at Santa Clara University July 10–23

    A program for those who minister to the Catholic Church’s growing population of Hispanic Catholics convenes at Santa Clara University July 10–23.

Title and Date Only
Title Only
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