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Panels can be used to highlight content on a page.

We have a lot of options for highlighting content on page, with Announcements, Site Pointers, List Items, and Infographics. The Panel is an option provided by the Bootstrap framework, and can be used to add some emphasis to page content. Be careful not to over-use this though - the panel should be used to improve clarity. Using multiple panels on a page, or panels on every page in your site, would reduce its ability to draw attention to a specific piece of content.

Panels can be positioned in any of the page content areas, including a Grid Layout.

This is the title field for the panel

The content area for the panel can include formatted text, images, links to other sites or media files.

Tables can be included inside a panel as well.

Heading Heading 2 Heading
Item 1 Item 1 Item 1
Item 2 Item 2 Item 2
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