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Buttons are designed for a single column display, and can be positioned in the Main Left, Main Right, or Right Sidebar sections of the page. All you need to do for this content type is set a link for the button and enter the button text. Then select the button style and decide where you want to place it on the page.

The button styles below are well-suited to calling out a single action item for attention. The more compact style in the right column works well for small groups of buttons.

You can use buttons to link to another section in T4, specific content in a section, to an external web site, or to a file.

Bootstrap Buttons

You can also use the button styles in Bootstrap when creating a link to a media file. When selecting the item from the Media Library, use the Select with Layout option in the item's blue Action menu, and choose file/link-button from the list of layouts. That will apply the default button style. You can double-click the link to edit the button text, and set an alternate style - primarysuccessinfowarning, or danger.

Outline buttons

You can use the "-outline" style to alter the standard Bootstrap buttons. Here's an example using the style "info-outline".

Example of Button color options
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