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Create a profile, or list a group of profiles

The Profile content type can be used to create a profile page for an individual. A common use for this will be for faculty & staff listings in office and department sites, but you can also use it for student profiles, a featured speaker at an event - any time you might want to create a profile that might be displayed in multiple locations. That's one of the key advantages to using the Proflle content type instead of a standard General Content block. Profiles can be selected for display on any other section, by department affiliation, name, role, tags, and other selection criteria.

This example lists faculty and staff profiles for the Anthropology department.

Additional list options include Accordion and Link List displays.

    • Professor Emerita, Political Science Department

      Janet Flammang

      Janet A. Flammang's research explores the relationship between meals, conversation, community and democracy.

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