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The SCU site uses Google's custom search collection for in a variety of ways: to search the entire site, school, center, and large organization site search, and searching subsites for specific collections of content.

The large collections for schools and center searches are managed in Google's custom search service, and will require support from the Web Team for the initial setup. But you can create your own search system with the Subsite Search content type.

The Subsite Search content type can be used to search smaller sets of pages within a branch of a site. In this example we have the form set to search within the /web-design site. To configure this we've created another page in the main Web Design site that includes the Subsite Search content type, and will display the search form and the search results. In this page we've added the same content type, but it will just show the search form and submit the search query to the main Web Design search page.


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