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Ordered List

This content type allows you to create an ordered list and include option of a bulleted or non-bulleted text description below each list item. This will require formatting in the text editor.

T4 Fields

*Required fields


This ordered list will display in the two-column (Main) area of a page, the one-column areas (Left-Right) and Sidebar column.

How to create an ordered list with text description:

Step 1:  Add Ordered List content type

Step 2:  Enter required fields for Name and Heading

Step 3:  In the Summary field click on 'Numbered List' icon  numbered list icon  and enter the first list item

Step 4:  Hit return to next line and click on the 'Increase indent' icon increase indent icon  and then click on 'Bullet list' icon  bulleted icon  and enter description text. You may enter more than one text description per item.

Step 5: To add next list item hit return then click on 'Decrease indent' icon decrease indent icon and enter the next list item.  Repeat Step 4 to enter text description for the list item.

Note: Click yes on 'Bulleted List' checkbox if your text description includes a bulleted list item(s).

Example of formatting:

screenshot of ordered list formatting in the text editor

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