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Marketing and Communications

Full Calendar

The SCU event calendar ( can display each group’s calendar in day, week, month, and all upcoming event views. You can configure to show events for a specific group, a category, tag(s), or any combination of these. 

Linking to the full calendar for a group or category

From T4, you can link to any of the various calendar views directly, or by adding a link section in your site structure. A link section allows you to continue to include your calendar as a link in your header, for your button or right side navigation menus.

To create a link section, take the following steps in T4:

  1. Add a section
  2. Under the General tab, select "Mark as link section" for "Section options"
  3. Name your section
  4. Under the Details tab, select "External URL" for "Link Type"
  5. Add the URL depending on the preferred view (day, week, month, or all)
  6. You can now add a section link to your calendar (see the Technology Training Calendar button below)
  7. NOTE: If you have an existing “calendar” section, please be sure to “delete” it to not confuse your current/future content collaborators.
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