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Silicon Valley

Welcome to our home: Silicon Valley, the world’s center of technology and innovation.

Silicon Valley, the area that runs south of San Francisco through the city of San Jose, is known globally as a place where ideas are born. Many of the most significant scientific and technological advances of our age have come from this region—in computing, of course, but also in a broad range of fields from medicine to law.

Network in our networks

The companies we count as our neighbors are also among the top employers of SCU graduates. Our alums work for big names like Google, Facebook, Apple, and NASA as well as their own startups.

We provide excellent resources, support, guidance, and employer connections for students around internships. You’ll have a chance to try out your skills and gain work experience in banking, manufacturing, tech, healthcare, government, non-profits, advertising, and more.

Our neighbors, our friends

Of course, there’s more to Silicon Valley—and Santa Clara—than technology. This region is home to more than 2 million residents with a wide and diverse variety of cultures, backgrounds, interests, and needs.

SCU’s many community initiatives welcome our neighbors to campus and encourage our students to venture out and become involved in meaningful ways.